Unlocking the Benefits of Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits

Your primary care provider awaits you for the annual "Wellness" visit under Medicare, a crucial appointment designed to promote health, prevent diseases, and ward off disabilities.


During this visit, you'll share essential information to assess your health risks, including personal and family medical history, current height, weight, body mass index, and blood pressure, along with details about your current medications. The visit also involves screenings for cognitive impairment. Armed with this information, your doctor can tailor suggestions for lifestyle changes that pave the way for a healthier life.


It's important to note that the annual wellness visit differs from a physical examination, which is more comprehensive and involves testing. If you need medical care beyond the scope of a wellness visit, additional costs may arise. In such cases, scheduling a separate office visit to address specific medical concerns becomes necessary.  But please note, that if you get your covered vaccines, such as the flu or RSV vaccine, you will not have additional costs with Original Medicare.


For those enrolled in Original Medicare for at least 12 months, an annual wellness visit is a valuable entitlement. If you haven't reached this milestone, the "Welcome to Medicare" visit beckons. This visit not only includes a physical examination but also covers screenings and counseling, setting the stage for a healthy start to your Medicare journey.


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