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Our vision is to serve our community by providing accurate and timely information that optimizes health care and social care decision-making. We want to increase the health equity and social well-being of our members, and their families, so that they may enjoy healthy whole lives filled with joy, dignity, and connectedness. 


Accordingly, we strategically assess local health insurance plans, government programs, and social resources.  Our objective is to exploit technological resources to accelerate client enrollment in insurance plans, government plans, social service programs, and manufacturer discount programs.  We're motivated by our conviction that health, social and behavioral wellness requires access to the full panorama of resources that address the critical social determinants of health.


We regularly assess and catalog local innovative health and well-being solutions.   Our local licensed and certified professionals wield the latest technological platforms to discover and evaluate solutions that best match the lifestyle, coverage, and budget expectations of our members.    We aim to serve our clients virtually anytime and anywhere.  And more importantly, at no cost.


Through our efforts to remove barriers to health and social resources, we hope to build healthy communities.  One person at a time.


Alan Blackwell, MSE.




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